Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FITASC @ Underhill (Vt)

The 5-stand guys at the Underhill Rod & Gun Club removed the stands and setup a FITASC parcour in its place. 

Just for the day.  An opportunity for shooters to experience the basic rules of FITASC and low gun shooting.

The governing body for FITASC is located in France.  A world organization with annual world championships held in a different country each year. One year it could be held in Australia and the next in South Africa.

Without going into information overload; 1 oz. loads, no pre-mounts, low gun, can't start your gun until you see the target, and no talking by squad members.   Five or six machines per layout with three separate shooting stations.  All shoot each station before moving to the next.  On singles you can take two shots. 

On the shooters call the referee will use a whistle to single the trapper to release a target(s).

Not a fast game. It can take some time for a squad to shoot 25 targets.  Clubs usually require pre-registration and limit the number of shooters.  Not uncommon to be required to put down a deposit when pre-registering.

The weather cooperated and a nice turnout.  I estimated at least 24 shoots. 

A fun day, a social outing!

For some, the first time shooting low gun.  More than a few pre-mounts after shooters stepped into the hoop or starting the gun before the target was visible. 

The club is looking at doing this again next year and plan on providing two parcours.


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