Saturday, November 24, 2012

Remington Gun Clubs, Brass Seperation

I've had a number of brass separations when reloading in all the skeet gauges through the years.  Just something that you see when reloading thousands of shells. 

I've never had it happen to a FACTORY shell (new in the box)  until experiencing several this year while shooting my Remington 1100. 

My recent separation took place when shooting trap this past Friday.

Factory shell!

My forth this year!


  1. I have also seen this shell somewhere in my area.

  2. I had 9 out of 100 do this today. Remington Gub Club 1200fps 7.5 shot, new from the boxes.

  3. i wonder if remington will give you a refund or store credit? they need to do something to renew consumer confidence in the gun club line