Friday, November 23, 2012

Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (Vt) Skeet Field Warming Shed

The Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (St. Albans, Vermont) recently purchased a shed and installed it next to skeet field #2. Plans are to install a heater, with the building used for quick warm-up's during the cold winter months.

I hope the club takes the building to the next level and puts a refrigerator in the building for sale of soft drinks during the warm winter months, sell chips of various brands, and also uses the building as  "shoot desk" headquarters during clay target fun shoot events.

Maybe even setting the grill out and sell hotdogs (cook your own) whenever the club is open or when the fields are used for various functions.

WiFi is now available at the clubhouse, and dear to the heart to those who ever volunteered their time mowing and taking care of access roads, the club purchased a new brush hog and box grader for ground maintenance.

If you shot at the club in past years but haven't visited in several years you may want to consider a return visit.  The club is marching forward and you can expect major improvements to not only the overall operation of the club, but also too the rifle/pistol range.

The club is located on lake road Route 36, southwest of Swanton, Vermont.

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