Friday, December 21, 2012

Teachers, the First Line of Defense!

I'm strongly against Gun Free Zones, as in reality they can quickly turn into Kill Zones, especially without the presence of armed individuals on the premises! 

But this is not what this writing is about. 

My thought is society already is aware of those who someday may do harm either to themselves and/or others.

In many situations the local community is not allowed to take action, as in the case of a homeless population in the community.  We know the homeless has rights, we know most have either drug or alcohol problems, we know that at times they are in danger, we know that homeless slum communities have been setup in wooded areas or parks; but laws have been written to protect them and the police can take no action unless a law is broken.  The police are often told by local politicians to ignore!  How's that working for you?

We have a like situation in regard to mental issues and youth in society.

We know who the problem child is, but either the law will not allow for society to take action or if it is allowed, the resources are not available.

Teachers in many cases can provide the early warning needed, as parents may be reluctant!
Talk to teachers who have developed a sixth sense after working the lower grades (yes, even in kindergarten) for a few years. They know who will be in and out of trouble in the coming years, either criminally or mentally!

Somehow we have to latch onto this society early warning and provide intervention and guidance for all involved.  Change the laws where needed and provide the resources. but we must allow schools to take the lead or at a minimum to be allowed to alert the mental heath community!   An alert that would be much like a response by child protective services when a child is reported to be in harms way.

Checks and balances, Yes, but ignore, No!


Parents Worry Their Child Could Be ‘Next Adam Lanza’
Taking care of such children is a difficult, and sometimes lifelong, task.    ”Families who have children like Adam (Lanza, the Conn. shooter) have to deal with this 24 hours a day for many years without much relief or much sympathy from other people, and yet it’s a nightmare,”  

”These children often don’t marry, they don’t integrate into society very well. It is the responsibility of the parents, often the mother, and it is an ongoing challenge.”

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  1. Did Nancy Lanza live in fear? Why many mothers of the mentally ill do.