Sunday, December 09, 2012

Trap Semifinal using old equipment (Bunker Trap)

Olympic Bunker Trap

Vadim Zevlever (Toronto) calculated how to use old controllers in order to conduct the new Semifinal accordingly with the latest printing of ISSF rules, before the equipment is upgraded.

If interested in what he has to say and to see the chart he developed, click on the below link:

Trap Semifinal using old equipment


  1. This is again an outdated calculation. With the latest rules it is enough to select all 6 shooters and just skip stations 1 and 5 every time. The distribution of the targets becomes even by the end of the round.

  2. The "Trap Semifinal" link at the bottom of the posting brings you to the information page.

    The page has the name of the author and is linked to his email address. I'm sure he would be happy too hear what you have to say so he can make appropriate changes.