Saturday, December 08, 2012

Traveling to Shoots @ Google Street View

Many times a GPS does not mark out the best route for traveling.  For a well traveled route we know what works best and take a road the GPS does not like, but we know from experience, the best route. 

Recalculating, Recalculating, Recalculating....

Something you learn to live with!

Recently, I was planning a route that was to take me through a high traffic area.  According to the map, three of four options of travel.  I had previously traveled the GPS laid out route and was not satisfied with the route of travel, even after changing the GPS options from fastest to shortest.

I was reluctant to go off course and seek a better router, as a wrong decision could end up with me traveling down a road with slow traffic, dozen of traffic lights, and stop and go traffic.

I was messing around with Google Maps and took a look at Street View.  I found that I could access the routes that I thought would make a good alternative and could see actually photos of the road and road signs. 

With my mouse cursor I could move down the road, as if traveling in my vehicle and see what a driver would see. Almost like viewing a video!

With my cursor I took an off ramp, entered a toll booth area, and after traveling through the toll booths, saw the two options for travel, either take a right or take a left.  I saw all vehicle lanes, E-ZPass lanes, and most importantly all the traffic road signs, to include the signs a mile from where I planned on turning. 

Next time your traveling to an area that your not familiar with, take a look at Street View!

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