Friday, December 28, 2012

‘YouTube’ is my coach, says Usman Chand

I've been following the career of Pakistani clay target shooter Usman Chand via articles posted on the internet. His name pops up from time to time and he always seems to have something positive to say and not a bad shooter either!

In November when asked how he managed to improve his game, he said YouTube was his coach. “I don’t have any coach but YouTube. I watch videos of the best shooters and learn different techniques from them. I try the most suitable techniques and if I find them working for me I adopt them. This is an ongoing thing,” he said.

He further said that with the help of Army he and some other players built a shooting range in Sialkot on a piece of land measuring between three and four acres. “The Army gave us land and also helped us import duty-free machines. Now we have a club with 30 members and state-of-the-art machines. It is named Clover Shooting Club.” he said.

This week I come across this article.

KARACHI: Punjab’s young skeet shooter Usman Chand set a new record on Friday by winning gold medals in all three shotgun events in the 32nd National Games. He scored 124 out of 150 in trap event in individual category. He had already won gold in skeet event by scoring 149 out of 150 and in double trap event by scoring 154 out of 200.

Chand will be shooting in Qatar in February.  Be interesting to see how he does! 

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