Sunday, January 20, 2013

Debate on Gun Safety (BAN)

Last month I read an article that stated an internal democrat talking point paper suggested the terms "Guns Control and Gun Ban" should be replaced with the term Gun Safety any time anti-gun supporters were discussing firearms or ammunition bans or limits with news reporters and or when giving interviews on television or radio.

In the last three days I have come across several articles using the term Gun Safety in the headline!

A headline from the Arizona Daily Sun: Constructive debate on gun safety long overdue

They did use the word safety in the article; erring on the side of public safety might mean a compromise and went on to say  "If it is any inspiration, other countries like Australia have gone through similar tragedies that moved them to constructive reform."

Yes, there is the other word the left likes to use, Compromise!  Usually means you have to hold on to your wallet or the government is getting ready to stick it to us. In this case it means a loss of gun rights!

By the way, Australia ended up banning most weapons.  Clay target shooters are not allowed the use of a semi-auto shotgun such as the Remington 1100  (BANNED).

Beware of wolfs in sheep clothing....

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