Friday, January 18, 2013

NY Gun Law Petition Repeal

Reposted from Received Email:

The following is a email I received from my NYS Senator, I called the
Senator's office and asked if anyone in NY could sign this petition or
did we have to be in his district, the answer was anyone in NY can sign
and PLEASE GET THIS OUT to as many NY sportsmen as possible. I am adding
the link to make it easier:


January 17, 2013

Dear Friend:

As you know, New York recently passed restrictive gun control laws that
weaken the Constitutional rights of all New Yorkers. I strongly opposed
this legislation because - like most gun control measures - it hurts
law-abiding gun owners and does nothing to prevent crime. To make
matters worse, this feel good, headline grabbing bill was rushed through
both houses of the State Legislature without a single public hearing or
any time for lawmakers and citizens to carefully review its contents.

While we may have lost the battle, the war is far from over. Join me in
sending a loud, clear message to Governor Cuomo and other lawmakers in
Albany that instead of attacking law-abiding gun owners, the focus
should be on increasing penalties for gun criminals and addressing
mental illness. Help me send this same message to our federal
representatives in Washington, who are considering similar measures for
our entire country.

If you have not done so already, please go to my website, and sign my petition to build public support for
repealing these restrictive gun control measures. If every New Yorker
who supports the Second Amendment makes their voices heard, we can show
state and federal lawmakers that more gun control laws are unnecessary,
misguided and ultimately wrong for our state and our country.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines: every gun owner, hunter,
sportsman and supporter of the Second Amendment must get involved. Now
is the time to be heard. Please sign my petition today.


William J. Larkin, Jr. State Senator

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