Thursday, January 17, 2013

NY Shooters & Hunters: Who will sell you Ammunition?

Attention New York Gun Owners:

New York State Law (signed by the governor):

Prior to a sale of ammunition, a seller must run the buyer through a State-created review of disqualifiers to ensure that the buyer is not prohibited by law from possessing ammunition, and

that ammunition sales are electronically accessible to the State.

In addition, to prevent from purchasing ammunition, the bill requires that any ammunition sold commercially must be conducted by a seller that can perform a background check.

This bill requires that any seller--whether located in New York or out of state, ship the ammunition to a dealer within New York for in-person pick-up.


Purchase a box of .22 ammo for plinking.  Background check required!

Purchase a box of shotgun shells to go duck hunting.  Background check required!

Purchase a box of shells for the annual deer hunt.  Background check required!

Purchase a box of shells to target shoot at the local range.  Background check required!

Purchase a value pack.  Background check Required!


I don't care if you think new GUN laws were needed in the state of New York!

I don't care if  don't support the NRA!

I don't care if you don't support the Gun Owners of America and other various pro-gun organizations!

I don't care if your a Republican or Democrat!

I do want to know where you; the hunter, target shooter, league shooter, or tournament shooter is going to purchase ammunition in the state of New York at reasonably cost?

Do you think Walmart, Gander Mt., Dicks and other sellers of ammunition will continue to sell single boxes of ammunition or shotgun value packs in where every sale has to be run through the state system for approval?  With approval may not be forthcoming for days, if not weeks!

Do you think sellers will want to run every $7 ammunition sale through the New York background check system?   Unlike gun sales that may be in the 100's each day, more in the order of 1000's of ammunition sales take place in the state each day, with most sales a single box, more so during hunting season.

Is your local gun club, most likely a small seller of ammunition for range use, is going to get into the background check system?  And, even if they did, what would be the waiting period for approval; 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, two weeks?  All of that for the one box of ammunition you wish to purchase on the day you visit the range, I think not!  Some say it was not the intent to target gun clubs.  Tell that to the judge when they come to close the range!

Several companies have already ceased shipping orders of ammunition to homes in New York State. The law is not even been implemented, as the state police have not set up the system. A system that could take years to implement, not the one year planned for, and out of state companies are not going to want to deal with it when implemented.

Tracking ammunition sales is not all black and white.  Many shades in-between needed to be considered when the law was crafted.  They were not!

Or, maybe that was the intent all along, limited outlets for the purchase of ammunition and increased cost for legal gun owners!

It's time for you to make a call, send a letter, and email your New York representative if you think this ammunition law was an over reach.

NY State Senate

NY State Assembly


  1. Ammunition background checks among concerns as gun law passes

    The ammunition regulation will take effect as soon as the State Police get a reporting system up and running. Bill proponents hailed the move as a way to ensure regular background checks for all gun owners, who already have their backgrounds probed each time they purchase a firearm.

    Assembly Minority Leader Pro-Tem Tony Jordan, R-Jackson, said on the Assembly floor that the ammunition clause could impact shooting and rod and gun clubs, many of which supply members with ammunition for on-site use.

    The legislation’s sponsor, Joe Lentol, D-Brooklyn, disagreed with Jordan’s interpretation, stating rod and gun clubs are “in a different business” than gun and ammunition suppliers.

    The ambiguous nature of the new regulation could mean historically “over-zealous” state regulators could crack down on the clubs, Jordan said.

    The sometimes-lengthy background checks will “grind business to a halt” at gun shops, Jordan said following the six-hour Assembly debate.

    “There’s going to be more paperwork than we’ll know what to do with,” said Chris Nemec, who operates Nemec’s Sport Shop in Warrensburg. “It’s crazy.”

  2. The real reason for all this nonsense is to make gun owning and use as difficult as possible, thereby discouraging it as an activity. The more that happens, the easier it is to disarm us totally. This is nowhere as obvious as in the NY pistol permit system, with each county doing it's own thing. Here in Orange County they are now conducting interviews (interrogations?) of ALL applicants. ALL new permits have restrictions. They are calling the applicant's employers to see if there are any problems at work. They are asking for a letter from the police department where you live and another where you work before processing. This causes delays. They are running past the maximum time in the law to grant or deny with the reason in writing of 6 months. The applicants are too scared to complain, fearing they won't get the permit at all. You MUST complete a safety class within 60 days or go back to square one. None of this is in the law. This is a master plan folks! Wake up! If this cancer is not stopped, it will spread. Any gun owner in NYS that doesn't belong and SUPPORT the NRA and NYSRPA at a minimum is living in LALA land! The anti's want all your guns, all your ammo..... GONE. If the Assembly had it's way, they'd confiscate everything. Our problem is too many people won't do a damn thing about it until it affects THEM personally. Well, now it does, doesn't it? What now? I've been yelling "Wolf!" for years. Well, now his foot is in your door. Your options: fight like hell, become a law breaker, or move out of state.