Monday, January 07, 2013

Safe Room in your Home?

Protecting Your Family and Home from Home Invasion

First off, the person or persons breaking into your home don't think like you do.  They are not nice people and don't play by the same rules as you do!  If on drugs or looking for money for the next fix they can be horrible people.

You must protect your family...

Common entrance points is the front door and garage. Keep all doors and windows locked.

Do you have a SAFE ROOM in your home where family members can retreat in event of a home invasion or break-in?

- A closet, bathroom, or bedroom with the hollow-core door replaced with an exterior-grade solid-core door that has a deadbolt and longer hinge screws and strike-plate screws to resist battering. At the minimum the standard lock replaced with a deadbolt to slow an intruder.

- A flashlight.

- A cell phone pre-positioned in the room for calling for assistance, as land lines may be cut.

FIREARM optional!  A Biometric fingerprint safe is recommended for storing the firearm if you do have a home defense gun.

If you do have a firearm in the home can your spouse operate it safely? 

A one time trip to the range is not going to cut it.  A visit to the local range should be something that is accomplished every three months.  Close in shooting at a distance of 10 - 20 feet should be practiced.  Think of the distances you will be firing within your home not the range!

Teach not to fire all the shells at one time.  I've read several articles through the years where the spouse fired all the shells at one time and either did not hit the intruder or did not put him down with the first volley. 


  1. If I lived in a part of the world where a save room was necessary the first person I would call would be a Real Estate salesperson.

    I get the h"ll out of there. Has mass paranoia taken over??

  2. RE: where a save room was necessary

    I suggest under the Google news option, you Google HOME INVASION!