Friday, January 11, 2013

Shipping a Firearm

A few pointers...

Don't ship it is as machine parts and don't try to ship from a UPS store, as they are not allowed to ship firearms.  For UPS you need to ship from the main complex.  The receiver is a firearm.  Barrels being imported or exported need paperwork.

Handguns cannot be shipped by the post office (There is exceptions but we don't fall under them).  Use FedEx for shipping handguns!

It's against the law for the shipper to mark the outside of the shipping container indicating a  firearm is being shipped!

You can ship to any firearm business without going through an FFL.  They can ship your firearm back to you without going through an FFL.

You can ship your firearm to yourself (C/O).  Say your attending a shoot and do not want to travel with it, going hunting in another state, or traveling to Alaska and you don't wish to deal with Canadian laws  (recommended for handguns).  Send it to yourself without going through an FFL.  The person receiving the package is not suppose to open it when received.

If selling, given, or lending a firearm to someone outside the state you live-in, you must ship to an FFL.  Individual states may have there own rules for shipping within the state!

If the clerk says they can't ship the firearm, take it up to the next level, even if they have to call a supervisor that is off site. You Can Ship the Firearm!!!

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