Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Elia Draicchio, Bahrain Olympic Team Coach Passed

Canadian Elia Draicchio, passed away suddenly in Bahrain. He was head coach of their Olympic Skeet Team.

  Pierre Dubois, with a few pictures from Tony Olivieri, put together a presentation re-telling his passion & dedication to Olympic Skeet.  


  1. Elia introduced me to international skeet in 1994, and I followed his method ever since. I enjoyed his company, his passion and certainly his competitive spirit - We will miss you dearly my friend...
    Ron Bergamin

  2. Elia,

    I remember the first time I saw him. he was smoking a cigarette while watching me trying really hard at breaking skeet targets(I was new at the L'Acadie club). I didn't know back then who he was. But all of a sudden, he took my gun, called a target and broke it almost right after it left the high house. He told me:'' Be more aggressive'' open both eyes, gun down, don't wait and SHOOT for god sake( Iwas reakky being watched I guess...)He Handed me back my gun, help me on my feet positioning, gently hitting me on the elbow saying ''relax!!!'' And there I got my first skeet session (Free of charge). He actually spent at least 1 hour with me, without asking anything more than my success wich came on the same day! Targets were being broken. I was so greatfull when I came back with my wife to introduce her to skeet shooting, well, yes, my wife got Elia's medcine to!

    I will miss him a lot and, still today, everytime I step in position 2 at olympic skeet, I think of everthing you thought me, and I feel like a pro!

    I will always remeber Elia and the passion he gave me about olympic skeet shooting!

    Rest in peace,

    Martin Fournier

    1. i was so shocking about my bello, i cannot believe about him... when i read this about him, i really cant believe... i miss him so much coz i love him so much...oh no! we did not see again coz he passed away... i did not forget him when we are together in Manila...

  3. Elia Draicchio

    In Bahrain Emirats Arabe, passed away March 05, 2013, at the age of 55 years, Mr Elia Draicchio, beloved husband of Filomena D'Almeida.

    Visiting Hours

    Sunday March 17, 2013 02:00PM until 08:00PM
    The family will receive relatives and friends at :
    3955 Cote-de-Liesse, Montréal



  4. He is the only person that i know who wants everyone to be happy and everbody to be treated fairly,He even introduced barney to me coz this is only cartoon character dont have enemy..This is Elia!

    He don't want someone to get upset over with someone,As far as i know him for almost 11 years.He teach me about the importance of Life,He have been a good mentor not just to me but i know to everyone!

    He helped me so much.... and can't really imagined that there will be someone like him exist in my life..His unconditional understanding with me will be considered as deep of gratitude for the rest of my life!

    Elia,you don't know how i'm very sad that your gone...

    Rest in Peace,

  5. To my Cousin Elia, you will be missed,

    From the early age of hunting with our Fathers, Elia always had the passion for life play and love of the sport.
    His dedication took him to faraway places in the effort to make his mark.
    His legacy will live, not only in Canada but all around the world.

    Rest in Peace li.,

  6. When I took my first shot at a skeet target, Elia was there to guide me. At that moment I saw the passion and how much he gave to the sport he loved. I was a fan of his on how he approached his challenges, never loss of words, always a step ahead. The skeet world lost a great ambassador.

    Rest in Peace,
    Fernando Gazzola

  7. Rest in Peace my Bello, you are always in my mind and my heart forever... miss you so much

  8. I will never forget our California memories from our early days. And as adults, your calls and pictures from around the world with your detailed stories will always be cherished.
    Thank you for being part of my life, you will always be remembered.
    Rest in Peace Buddy,
    Your friend forever.... Joe La piasse

  9. I miss you so much...Thank you very much for being good to everyone.I will never forget you. Rest in peace BELLO.


  10. i will miss you so much thank you for being part of my life. i will never forget you.
    Rest in peace master

  11. Elia,it's your one monthsary now..i really miss u...i used to think that u are away for a competition but if i think that i can't see your smiling face....it's killing me!

  12. One month already,we miss you so much.You are always in our heart forever.All your friends all over the world will never forget you.

    Elia is a good man.

  13. i would never forget you

    rest in peace master

  14. I miss you so much.All your memories would never forget.I miss the Elia I know,he is a very happy person.I am so grateful that you shared your knowledge to me,I will treasure it forever.You are such a great man.

    rest in peace.

  15. 3 months...3 months of sadness elia :'(

  16. it's been a year of pain elia..a year of pain and forever..
    you never forget but just to be strong here!

  17. Yes, he was a joyfull person with numerous qualities. He gave me attention when I was a teen, at a very tourmenting time of my life. I didn't know how to react... Today, I really wonder how many other young women he abused from, threatening them to keep their mouth shut... R.I.P. Elia.

  18. Kern simply the best