Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Florida Challenge @ Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, Graham, Florida, February 28th - March 3rd, 2013.

The main event consisted of two hundred targets shot over two separate sporting clays courses.

A total of four (4) videos (Saturday and Sunday) posted, as well as numerous photographs.


A number of vendors on hand.  I had an inset screw strip out of an adjustable comb and was able to have it fixed in under ten minutes. Thanks to Shooters Solutions for taking time from a heavy work load to touch up the threads on the inset socket and to provide a new screw. I think it took him longer to find a screw then to do the work!

Cool, especially on Sunday.  If you haven't shot in Florida in the winter, expect the worse weather wise when packing, as 50 degrees can feel like 32 degrees.  I suggest a light weight set of long underwear, coat or jacket, sweater, gloves, and rain gear (jacket and pants).  The rain gear can protect you from cool winds.

The trappers did a great job, as did those taking care of machines.

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