Wednesday, April 03, 2013

How's that Gun Control compromise working for you?

If a convicted felon, not eligible to own a firearm, and those with criminal intent, need not read any further, as these laws are not ones you would follow anyway. 

Around the nation:

You may also see this listed as Gun Safety (formally know as Gun Control).

- Mandatory firearm liability insurance policy.  No insurance, no gun!  I gather if your on food stamps you will be able to receive funding assistance from the government to purchase insurance.

- Background checks on each purchase of ammunition, to include that box of .410 shells used by skeet shooters or the box of steel shot used by duck hunters.

- No mail order ammunition purchases.  All purchases must be face to face.
- State-issued eligibility certificate needed to purchase any rifle, shotgun or ammunition. To get the certificate, a buyer would need to be fingerprinted, take a firearms training course and undergo a national criminal background check and involuntary commitment or voluntary admission check.

- Ammunition tax. A dollar a bullet seem right to you or how about an additional 25% tax on each purchase?

- Registration of magazines.

- Only seven (7) bullets in a magazine.

- Limit magazine size to ten bullets.

- Additional firearms sales tax. 15% of the purchase price sound reasonable?

- The old standard, if a firearm looks dangerous, outlaw it.

- Additional gun free zones (kill zones).

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