Tuesday, April 02, 2013

U.N Arms Treaty (BEWARE) It's not what's in it NOW!

If your not concerned about what's in the Unite Nations Arms Treaty and the portions to be implemented before a vote takes place in the U.S. Senate, and also believe published reports from main stream news organizations that tells guns owners no need to worry, BEWARE!

Article 20


1. At any time after the entry into force of this Treaty, a State Party may propose an amendment to this Treaty.

2. Any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the secretariat, which shall then circulate the proposal to all States Parties, not less than 180 days before the next meeting of the Conference of States Parties. The amendment shall be considered at the next Conference of States Parties if a majority of States Parties notify the secretariat that they support further consideration of the proposal, no later than 120 days after its circulation by the secretariat.

3. Any amendment to this Treaty shall be adopted by consensus of those States Parties present at the Conference of States Parties. The depositary shall communicate any adopted amendment to all States Parties.

4. A proposed amendment adopted in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article shall enter into force for all States Parties to the Treaty, upon deposit with the depositary of the instruments of acceptance by a majority of States Parties at the time of the adoption of the amendment. Thereafter, it shall enter into force for any remaining State Party on the date of deposit of its instrument of acceptance.



If this treaty is approved by the U.S. Senate, all further (future) changes to the treaty will not be submitted to the Senate for approval. 

At a future date the world body by simple majority vote can change the rules, even if the U.S. United Nations representative votes No and the senate objects!

Countries like China, Russia, Syria, Mexico, Iran, and Bulgaria and other like minded countries that could care less about the U.S. and the 2nd Amendment, can at some point in time dictate (change) what the rules are once the initial treaty is approved by the U.S. Senate.

Who do gun owners think a divided Supreme Court and one that only needs one additional liberal judge will side with, U.S. Gun Owners or a World Body?

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