Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Broken Remington 1100 Link

If I could have re-shot the first two stations, but that's another story....

I shot 150 targets and gave the 1100 a light cleaning just before the main event.

On the first two stations at the Rochester Brooks Spring Deuce sporting clays shoot I had problems with my Remington 1100.  The first couple of times I'm thinking maybe a bad shell, but the third time the second shell did not fire, as the trigger did not set. The problem(s) did not repeat and I'm thinking when I get home I need to clean the trigger.

The 1100 worked flawlessly for the remaining 15 stations (a 17 station event).

Today, I removed the trigger for cleaning and......

A broken Link...
The piece that broke off is no where to be found and it doesn't look as it caused any damage. I'm surprised the gun was able to function through the remaining 15 stations.

I carry a spare in my range bag and also my traveling cleaning kit, so a replacement was on hand and an easy repair.

A few years back a lady at a trap shoot experienced a broken link and her gun ceased to function.  I sold her one of my spares.  As for me, I can't recall the last time I've experienced a broken link.

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