Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three broken Remington 1100 parts

I broke the LINK at the Rochester shoot, the EXTRACTOR broke in skeet practice this last Thursday, and at the Underhill Sporting Clays shoot Saturday I broke the PISTON ring.

I was not aware of the link breakage, as after a few problems the gun shot flawlessly for the rest of the shoot and not discovered until the gun was broken down for cleaning.

As for the extractor.  I was trying out Kent shells for the first time and my gun was barely extracting the shells.  First hull not clearing the chamber. I was thinking maybe my gun doesn't like Kent shells.  Anyway, finally saw that the extractor was broken and changed out the bolt (with extractor already installed).

At Underhill, I had trouble feeding the second shell into the gun and when I called for targets the gun didn't fire.  Anyway, ended up losing a target, as ended up with three gun malfunctions.  Borrowed a gun and finished the station.  Tore down the gun at the station and saw immediately the ring had a chunk of metal missing.  A quick change and good to go!

The moral of the story, if you shoot an auto make sure you have replacement parts with you, not sitting at home!

In my shoot bag I carry a complete bolt assembly (with extractor and firing pin installed), link, piston ring and O ring.  I also included finger nose pliers for link replacement.  The bag is always on the field, never left in the vehicle.  In the cleaning kit that I keep in the vehicle I have an ACTION bar and a spare TRIGGER.

If your only going to shoot the gun for practice, save yourself a few bucks on spare parts and just purchase parts as needed.  But, if you enjoy attending shoots, either fun shoots or registered, you need to think about what's needed to make repairs at the shoot!   Carry spare parts or a spare gun?

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