Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broken Action Bar Assembly (Remington 1100)

Shooting trap practice on Thursday and one of the rails on the action bar snapped.

Two friends also had action bar rails snap in the not so recent past, so not surprised.  I had actually been thinking that I better be ready for mine to break and just ordered a Forend Support for my spare, as one of the wings was missing.

Thinking I might save a few dollars I separated the two main pieces that make up the assembly with the hope of just ordering the part I needed.

Not to be....

A nice hole in the Action Bar Sleeve that's not suppose to be!

I have no idea how this came about or for how long it's been this way, but I would guess the result of metal fatigue over a period of time.  Did this weakening of the metal stress the bar and cause the breakage?  Have no idea, but something to add to my list to check when going over the firearm after a tear down!

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