Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GEORGE DIGWEED to attend Galt Shoot (Ontario)!

Galt Sportsmen's Club
2013 ICTSF World Sporting Clay Championships
July 31-Aug 4th.
World Champion GEORGE DIGWEED is attending this shoot.
During his long career Digweed has won 20 World titles (11 Sporting, eight Fitasc and one Compak), 17 European titles (13 Fitasc and four Compak), four European Compak titles and 10 World Cups.


* The club is just west of Torono, Canada.


  1. Hey! the Galt Sportsmens Club is NOT "west of Ontario, Canada" that would put it in Manitoba, Canada. Go to the website to find directions < http://www.galtsportsmensclub.com/ >. It is just "south" of Cambridge, Ontario which only about 1/2 hour from Hamilton, Ontario.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I knew that, just my typing fingers didn't know it : )