Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vermont State Trap Shoot

Video from Saturday's shooting (200 singles) at the Montpelier Gun Club.

I didn't have the greatest start on the first 50, but in the afternoon I managed a 95.  Twice missing the last target : (

I was shooting Remington Gun Clubs.  The brass pulled off one shell.  I see brass separation on and off with these shells (factory).

The sun was shinning on Saturday, but I'm told the rains moved in during Sunday's events.

The shot curtain is not an issue when shooting.  If anything it gives you a consistent background when targets go in that direction.

Many clubs now offer on-line registration and something I highly recommend.  A few years back we showed up without pre-registration and had to wait several hours to shoot the first 100, as we wished to shoot together and they did not have any early squads with two openings.

Shoot Photos / Results

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