Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 24 @ Quebec Provincial Trap Championship (L'Acaide)

I shot singles on both Friday (Prelim) and Saturday at the 59th Quebec Provincial Trap Championship held at Club de tire L'Acaide.

A windy day on Friday!  Did I mention it was a windy day on Friday :  )

An incoming wind.  Ended up holding my barrel about a foot higher then I normally do.  Only a few times did the target not fly above my barrel.  A tough go of it, but shot an 88, a 25 straight on the first field, but targets were just to tough for me to keep it up!

The weather on Saturday was great (no wind).  Shot a 91 and 94.

Several weeks back I shortened the stock on my 1100 and played around with the comb, as my gun fit was terrible (lost a few pounds) and my shooting has been steadily been improving (at least holding steady).

The club did a nice job on Saturday.  Registration went smoothly and the shoot started earlier then as seen in the past.  The down time between the first 100 and the second 100 was minimal.

Nice job by the trappers.  Kids were in the houses loading while we were shooting. No down time waiting on machines to be filled. 



If your in the USA and thinking of attending a shoot in Canada you will need either a Passport or an Enhanced Drivers License to return to the USA.

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Bringing Firearms Into Canada

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