Friday, August 09, 2013

What a week, ICTSF World English Sporting Clay Championships!

Hats off to the Galt Sportsmens Club!

Fours parcours (Super Sporting), four 5-stands (100 target event), two main courses, Make-A-Break, and 5-stand practice field. The second main course (White) was brand new, built for the shoot.  From the looks of it they used the land the clubs archery range is located on.  Expanding land usage and the road system.  I really liked the White course, visually pleasing.

Motels were 10 - 15 minutes from the club.  My drive every day (Comfort Inn) averaged out to 12 minutes.

Registration was as expected and throughout the shoot, scores posted rapidly. Winscore  had the scores posted each night I checked from the motel.

Rained hard Friday night after dinner. Early rotations on Saturday saw a number of broken targets.  It seemed to work itself out and when running around with my camera when not shooting and didn't see any unusual breakage.

For main event targets I found the Red course to be more conducive to more open chokes and the White course requiring a tighter choke.  I thought a lot of target speed on the Red course. Shooting an 1100, I went with LM on the white course and at least once used modified. I saw a lot of curling targets on both courses.

Me (Joe Potosky) with George Digweed!

George Digweed won the shoot after a shoot-off.  Top scorers in ICTSF shoot off, no matter if ahead by one target or ten.  Such as they do in Olympic shooting sports. George was first after 200 targets and also first after the shoot-off!


The Make-A-Break shoot-off video has some good shoots of breaking targets.  I pointed my video camera into the sky and hoped for the best.  I got lucky, as does not always work out!

If your interested in seeing George Digweed in action at the shoot:


Halfway through the video an interview that George gave to the press that I recorded.  I setup my camera next to the reporter and just let it run.  I saw the published interview and they cut the heck out of it.

Ammunition was plentifully. Not a problem if you needed to purchase a case or two.

Those working the kitchen and those moving machines and targets, a great job!

I found the refs for the most part to be very knowledgeable.

The stands on the new course were well constructed. 

As for those coming up from the states to attend the shoot.  A two hour delay experienced crossing the border by some.  A Canadian weekend and also a major weekend Italian celebration taking place at the crossing used by most, especially on Friday and Saturday.  I crossed east of Toronto (Cornwall) and didn't experience any delays, both coming or returning.  No one said they had a problem with bringing firearms and ammunition to the shoot.

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  1. Nice write up Joe. It was certainly a great good as any I have attended. Vendor's row was a bit sparse, but maybe next time the event will have a better draw from manufacturers, knowing how well this one went.