Monday, September 16, 2013

Farnham Fun Trap Shoot (Quebec)

Club de chasse, pêche et tir de Farnham inc.
Farnham, Québec

Tournoi annuel de tir aux pigeons d’argile NAPA

An annual 50 target fun trap shoot.

I live in NY and the club is about 30 miles north of Swanton, Vermont.  For me, an 1:45 minute drive. No problems at the border, going or returning.

We always have a good time when we attend this shoot and everyone (shooters and club workers) are always friendly and make everyone feel welcomed.

New this year was new trap buildings (2) and a PAT trap.

A wind day.  For the most part targets flying high.

A number of hunters in attendance.

The club throws black rim Lawry targets.  I recommend they try a couple of cases of all orange targets, as I don't think the orange tops on the Lawry targets pops enough on overcast days.  Could just be me and my old eyes, but I think not!

A shooter I know said he only learned of the shoot via my posting on Clays Quebec and was not even aware the club offered both trap and skeet (the club is more known for rifle/pistol).  The club is closer then the club he shoots at.  Maybe the club gained a new member....

No voice release.  An interesting change from instant release.  I missed the first target out.  For years I shot with a trapper hitting the button, but have not done so in the recent past.  A button release sure brings out the bad habits you have when your used to voice release.   Maybe next year we will see the addition of voice release on at least one of the fields?  An addition that all volunteer clubs should consider, as there use increases rounds shot (shooters don't have to wait around) and the club does not have to dedicate someone to pull targets during weekly practice.

As in the past, for a dollar you could have either a hotdog, fries, or soda.  A nice lunch for a total of $3.

Squads were still forming up when we departed....


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