Monday, September 30, 2013

First FITASC shoot held at NEK (Vermont)

A beautiful setting for the first FITASC shoot held in Vermont in over a decade.

Parcour 2
 The shoot was hosted by the Northeast Kingdom Skeet and Sporting Club, Lyndonville, Vermont.
For those not familiar with FITASC.  Twenty-five targets shot per parcour. A low gun game, 1oz. (no reloads), and you can't move your gun until you see the target.  The squad first shoots singles (two shots allowed) and then the squad shoots report pair or doubles, before moving on to the next station.  I think three stations per parcour is what the rule book says.   Only one gun/ammunition failure per 25 targets. A dress code is enforced!
The shoot was 50 targets (two parcours).

* Best viewed at full screen!
An early morning fog, but it burn burned off.  Serious sun issues on Parcour #1 was experienced by early squads. Almost any other time of the year target setting would have been perfect, but low sun seen at this time of year was a killer.  The club recognizes they had an issue and the target setter(s) will take that in account for future shoots.
Rules are rules and boy does FITASC have rules.  Many NSCA shooters, first time exposed to FITASC, were a little taken back by the number of rules and enforcement.  Who knew you couldn't come out and watch squads shoot before it was your squads turn to shoot?  I suggest in the future steps are taken to get the word out in regard to rules before the shooter shows up at the parcour, especially for clubs holding there first couple of FITASC shoots (ever). Use the shoot flyer (program), in email notifications, a point paper handed out at the registration desk, a briefing to squads before they depart for the parcour. Any or all is recommended. Don't go overboard, or no one will read them, but include the major rules (point paper style) that will be enforced, without fail.
 * Received via email from a Canadian. Your note about not viewing targets at a Parcour is false. There is no such rule in FITASC Sporting. It is bullshit by people that don't know the rules. The waiting area is there to prevent distractions from interfering with the squad shooting.   Thanks for the information!
Maybe a little heavy handed in my critique as a first time shoot, but if shooters are to return and bring there friends..... 
Targets pretty much beat me up, but I made the trip (2hr 45min) to primarily take photos and video (I don't pretend to be a FITASC shooter), but as long as I was there  : )    A good squad and I had fun!
As always, the good shooters overcame any hiccups experienced and shot the scores expected!
In conjunction with the shoot the club also offered 50 targets Sporting Clays. During the course of the year the club holds 100 targets sporting clays shoots with the option to shoot 5-stand.
Club volunteers did an outstanding job getting the club ready for the shoot and were out in force throughout the day.  Thanks to all that came out to lend a hand!
Five Canadians traveled down from Quebec.  One won the FITASC event and a one took the Sporting Clays event!
The kitchen was up and running. 
The building used as a clubhouse is slated to be torn down this week and a new club house will be built and fully functionally for the 2014 shooting season.
As a side note, I highlighted Vermont Sub Junior Andy Kachmarik in a video, a young shooter with a lot of potential.

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  1. Nicely shot and edited video. The game of FITASC is growing fairly rapidly. Nice to see it expanding and being promoted. I even recognized a couple of shooters in the film. Nicely done!