Monday, September 30, 2013

Talk Boards and Club Meetings!

What do both have in common?

I see or hear a lot of, the club should do this and the club should do that, but hardly one person doing the posting or doing the talking, willing to take on the responsibility!

They want (to help promote shooting)!

Additional hours (or days) the club is open.

Fun shoots.

4H, AIM or SCTP programs at the club.

Shooting clinics for youth and women shooters.

League shooting.

Registered shooting.

Open house.

Sponsors for shoots.

Articles in local papers.

Club newsletter.

Up to date club website or Facebook account.

Cheaper targets (don't normally attend meetings and have no idea of cost to run the club).

Complaining about the other discipline taking over the club, but they don't attend meetings, not on the board, and don't show up to support there own discipline when a function is planned. I just threw that one in, but so true!


They want all this and more.

In reality we're burning out the help. It's getting worse each year, and not only at shooting clubs!

For every 100 members, you have how many that faithfully help out throughout the year?

At many member run clubs a handful is all that is keeping the club running.  Sometimes a club is only one volunteer away from not being open on any given Sunday, and said shooter wants the club to be open on additional days?

League not being run?  Steve can't make it down to the club each week to run it, no one else willing, are you willing to take it on?

Sponsors for shoots.  I suggest you approach your business friends and ask them to support the club, as the guy running the club from day to day has just so many hours that he can commit to the club, and in many cases does not have a relationship with local businesses that you might have.

The lawn does not get mowed by elf's, nor is snow removal.

Targets don't magically appear in the trap house.

The bathrooms are not being maintained by a cleaning service.

Those willing to run registered shooting programs is only two people at some clubs. If one stopped doing it to so would the other.

The small kitchen with snacks and soda is taken for granted.  A volunteer is making a trip to restock the kitchen and most likely also removing the empty soda cans and keeping the kitchen area clean. 

Next time you have an idea, be willing for yourself and your friends to volunteer, and not have the handful that is keeping the club running have to take consider taking on additional responsibility (or not)!

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