Thursday, October 31, 2013

2014 Canadian Trap Championships @ L'Acadie

The 2014 Canadian Trap Championships (June 23 - 29) will be hosted by Club L'Acaide (Quebec).

Too early to have information on the shoot (sanctioned by the ATA), but for those in the states who may be thinking of attending, the basics of attending shoots in Canada.

At a World English ICTSF Sporting Clays Shoot held in Ontario in 2013, the only complaint that American shooters had was they did not expect the traffic (delay) at the border. A major outdoor event was taking place at the town at the Niagara Falls crossing that weekend and traffic was backed up.
Firearm processing went smoothly for all. I asked many of the shooters, as I host a page on "crossing the border with a firearm" and wanted to assure that all procedures stated were correct. Who best to ask then those who just crossed into Canada!

- You require either a Passport or U.S. Passport Card (Driving Only), or Enhanced Drivers License (Driving Only) to re-enter the USA.  An enhanced drivers license is issued by many states and less expensive then a Passport. The days of presenting your standard drivers license is no longer!

- Prior to DEPARTING the USA, process a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Form 4457 and list all firearms. You can process the form at any time prior to crossing the border (at any location).  A one time requirement. If you have a form from ten years ago that list your firearm and is readable, it's still valid! This form allows you to re-enter the USA with your firearm without issues.

- A Canadian Nonresident Firearm Declaration must be in your possession. The declaration is available at all border crossings (and processed day of crossing), but can be Emailed to you and filled out prior to arrival. The declaration is good for 60 days. It cost $25 Canadian, paid at point of entry (credit cards accepted).

* Each shooters must have his/her own declaration. The declaration also allows you to purchase ammunition while in Canada.

- No Handguns, leave all handguns at home!

- Import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition. I normally bring in a case or two without issue.

- The club is located southeast of Montreal.  Approximately 45 minutes from the NY I-87 border crossing.

-The club has ammunition.  Can't remember seeing STS, but Winchester and other brands available.  Don't know what they will have available for the shoot, but a lack of ammunition at the club has never been an issue.

- The club kitchen is open when the club is open.  Breakfast and lunch available!

- GPS is recommended.  English is understood and spoke by many, but as in the states when visiting a club for the first time, having your motel and club punched into the GPS makes for a less stressful mode of travel.

- If you had a DWI in the last ten years you may not be allowed to enter Canada.

- Cross into Canada with a full tank of gas. Gas in Quebec is at a minimum a dollar higher a gallon then what you pay in the states.  The prices you see posted is for a liter of gas.  1 liter = 1.06 quart.

Club de tir L'Acadie Directions & Information

Check out the above link and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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