Monday, October 21, 2013

A home run, Valleyfield FUN shoot!

A fun shoot with the emphases on FUN!!!!

A very windy day and on the cool side.  The first time this year wearing my winter shooting jacket. It did warm up a bit in the PM.

Joe and Heide Potosky

As you can imagine with the wind, birds were bouncing around and just all over the place. You can't say Boo when shooting trap, but a lot of laughs on the skeet fields when at times the bird took a dive or skyrocketed into the clouds just as you were getting ready to pull the trigger.

The wife and I tied, 45x50 in skeet. I had the upper hand in trap, but it was mostly luck as I shot over my share of targets also, but got lucky and hit just a few more targets!

In both skeet and trap we had excellent squad mates, who lucky for us had a sense of humor and did not let the wind and bouncing targets take away from the good time we were having.

As well as skeet and trap, Handicap and Doubles trap was offered.

A nice turnout!

$1100 in random draw prices awarded, plus medals for event winners and club champions. 

2 x 20 shoot coupons ($ 220)
1 x membership card ($ 80)
10 x 10 shoot coupons ($ 550
2 x $ 50 Voucher Sail ($ 100)
2 x $ 30 Voucher ST-Hubert ($ 60)
2 x Vouchers Ultramar $ 25 ($ 50)
1 x Work light, 2x Jackets and different caps.

The awarding of shoot coupons was a good idea and something that all clubs should consider!

The club in conjunction with the shoot also held it's club championships.

Several at the shoot were for the first time being introduced to skeet and/or trap and plenty of shooters willing to give pointers.  It was nice to see!

You had your choice of hamburger or hot dogs for lunch.

The shoot was held at Club de Tir Valleyfield in the province of Quebec.  Crossing the border coming and going was without delay.  USA shooters will need either a Passport or Enhanced Drivers License (driving only) to return to the USA.

French was of course the language of choice, but not a worry if shooting in Quebec, as the vast majority of shooters speak and/or understand English.  I only know a handful of words in French and for the most part never have a language problem when visiting clubs in Quebec!  We all understand Dead and Lost.....

Visit this link for:

Shoot photos, a rather noisy (wind in the background) Video and Shoot Results

I had not let it be known in Quebec that I was going to be attending the shoot, but I was honored at the shoot by the club, shooters in attendance, and the Quebec Trap Shooting Association (QPTA).

Thanks for the kind words and the contributions given!

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