Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blaser TEN YEAR warranty (WOW)

Shooting practice sporting today at the La Roue du Roy (Quebec, Canada) and a long time acquaintance joined my wife and I at station 5.  Had not had a chance to talk to him one on one for some time and he started to tell me about his Blaser, a shotgun he owned for seven years.

He was shooting this past spring and it locked up.  Would not open.  He took it to a gunsmith.  Once opened it was found a piece of metal was missing from the receiver.

Photos were taken and sent to Blaser (Germany).  Was told the receiver was not fixable, send the receiver for replacement, as covered under warranty.

After three months, a brand new receiver was received (no cost to the shooter).

He said both his 32 inch 12 gauge barrel and his 32 inch 28 gauge barrel fitted the new receiver flawlessly.  The 12 gauge barrel came with the gun and just last year he picked up the 28 gauge barrel.

Two barrels, make in different years, and both fit a new receiver without issues!

When Blaser says TEN YEAR warranty, they mean TEN YEARS...

He was given his 28 gauge a workout today and he offered to let me take a few shots.  A smooth swing and the balance was great.  Didn't feel like I was swinging a 32 inch barrel.  Gun also fit me pretty good.

Next time you in the market for a high end gun, you might just want to give Blaser a look!

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