Sunday, October 20, 2013

Expensive clay target practice!

I attended a FUN shoot and was charged $40 for 100 targets. 

Not complaining about the price, but it turns out NO prizes awarded, nor was shoot management ever intending on given out prizes!

No shoot flyer was printed, just email notification that the club was holding a FUN shoot.  After many years of attending such shoots I ASSUMED some type of awards would be given.  That's what I get for assuming...

I talked to someone closely associated with the club and talked about "No Prizes".  He didn't get it.  Saw nothing wrong with it and tried to justify it.  To say the least an uncomfortable conversation on my part, as I soon realized I was not going to win the discussion.

If the club would have broke down a case of ammunition and gave boxes out as prizes I would have been satisfied or maybe awarded be a fast food coupon to a fast food joint, but no prizes at all???

Maybe it's me and times are changing and I'm expecting to much when invited to attend a shoot!

My fault for not checking before traveling to the shoot, but not something I would have expected after attending 100's of such shoots in my years as a clay target shooter.

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