Friday, October 11, 2013

Going to shoot registered .410 (after a long layoff)

I committed to the Underhill club NSSA 200 target .410 shoot next Saturday. 

I shot registered .410 years back, but not in recent times.  So long in the past that I don't carry a classification. Matter of fact, registered skeet has barely been on the radar. Not many registered targets in any gauge in the last couple of years.  Three hundred targets this year....

No longer a 4 gun shooter, as not willing to put the time to attend 4-gun shoots, nor willing to spend the kind of $$$$$ that 4-gun registered shooting requires.  Four or five hundred shells, shoot fees, motel, restaurants, fuel.  Just given my reasons, to each his own.  If 4-gun shooting is your enjoyment, great. I'm just no longer willing to make the commitment required.

It's been a few years from the last time I reloaded .410 shells, and can't even tell you the last time I shot .410.  Thought it might be a good idea to give the .410 reloader a good cleaning before I started, as it's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust. That went well and I ran three boxes without issues. I use AA hulls, 296 powder, and Winchester primers. I'll shoot them sometime next week for practice and I'll assume they will all go bang!

I usually have a good time attending one day skeet shoots.  You meet old acquaintances, shoot the bull, maybe stay around for the Saturday dinner (4 gun shoots) and go home. On many occasions we find ourselves at another club the next day in our region, shooting either trap or sporting clays.   Matter of fact, we are attending a fun skeet and/or trap shoot (you have the option) the next day at a club in Quebec. We'll most likely shoot both.  Show up at 10 and be on the road NLT 2pm unless we stay around to visit.

Anyway, good or bad I'll post my scores for all to see.....

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