Saturday, October 26, 2013

NY SAFE ACT Ammuntion Requirements Delayed!

As reported.....

SAFE Act provision on background checks for bullet buyers to be delayed

Background checks won’t begin on Jan. 15

ALBANY – Checking the backgrounds and recording detailed information about anyone buying ammunition, a key component of New York’s gun-control law, will not begin as expected Jan. 15.

State Police said Friday the agency needs more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition.

Additionally, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and maintain an assortment of information – from the buyer’s name and occupation to the type and amount of bullets bought – also will not be kicking in on Jan. 15 as permitted under the gun-control law.

Officials did not say when the ammunition background checks might start.

The law requires ammunition sellers to register with the State Police and to also run the purchaser’s name through a state-created database to see if they can buy ammunition. Only commercial dealers capable of running a background check, which must include a photo identification procedure in a face-to-face transaction, can sell ammunition under the new law.

Further, ammunition dealers must keep a written log – noting the date of purchase and the name, age, occupation and residency of ammunition buyers – for each sale that police can later inspect “at all reasonable hours.’’ That could have begun, under the law, on Jan. 15.



My unanswered questions and those you need to ask your elected officials:

- Will gun clubs who sell ammunition (formally or informally) to members, visitors, and those who attend shoots and/or classes be required to be REGISTERED with the NY State Police and follow all reporting and documentation requirements?

If so, your local club will likely not be selling ammunition, especially at member (volunteer) run clubs! 

- Will ammunition awarded as prizes at many fun shoots held at clubs across the state be against the law, even if the club does not sell ammunition as an everyday activity?

- Will Canadians be able to purchase ammunition in NY when they are attending sporting events, visiting a club, or hunting in the state?

- What ammunition sellers in New York will be still selling the one box of ammunition to hunters in there stores if all sales have to be recorded at that location?

Can you imagine the long lines during hunting season and sales staff needed to sell ammunition?  What businesses do you think will be selling ammunition?

- Will sportsmen who travel to adjoining states and purchase ammunition for themselves and bring back a few cases for there friends be prosecuted, even if it can be argued they are not in the business of selling ammunition?

Remember, once the law takes effect, all ammunition sales must be face to face, no internet or telephone sales!


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