Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shotshell ammuntion purchases, 2014 is just around the corner!

2013 shooting season is coming to a close (for those in the north) and 2014 is just around the corner. 

An ever ending cycle, or so it seems!

I usually shoot 12 gauge reloads for practice, but for shoots I prefer factory.

Never to early to restock.....

Value packs at Walmart at this time are overpriced and I passed, but they did have a good deal on Gun Club shells last week, under $6 a box.  Not enough Gun Club shells on hand to meet my needs, but a start!

While internet searchers are not finding vast supplies (if any) of reloading supplies, shotgun ammunition is available.

I was looking to purchase low cost ammunition, Rio or Nobel Sport.  I've shot both in the past and as long as I stay close to 1200fps or higher, not a problem when used in my Remington 1100.  My Browning O/U ejects them without issues.

My impression is that Rio shells pattern a bit tighter and what I purchase if I have a choice, but I won't pass on a deal that I may come across. Nothing a tighter choke can't overcome!

Lately I've been leaning towards 7 1/2 instead of the 8's.  I seem to get better breaks with White Flyer Bio's and Lawry targets using 7 1/2, especially at distance.

I ended up picking up a mix of shells, as a limited supply of shells in both brands in the shells I wanted, but will meet my needs. 

I also purchased Federal Premium shells in my internet travels, as free shipping and I had a coupon.

I will be taking advantage of bulk club ammunition purchases (something available at a few clubs that I belong) and sales of ammunition at some of the shoots I attend.

A few states have started placing controls on ammunition sales and NY shooters should be aware that internet sales (or by telephone) of ammunition is going to be outlawed sometime in 2014, if the NY State Police can get it's ammunition background check system up and running.  All ammunition sales will need to be face to face and background check approval for each purchase! 

Going to be interesting to see what stores in NY will bother selling ammunition, if for each purchase they have to contact the State Police.  Can you imagine the lines at Walmart during hunting season....

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