Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How many guns are to many?

Are you a danger to society because of the number of firearms you own?  Should the government limit the number of firearms you possess?

I'm seeing more and more headlines stating so and so had five guns in his home, or six guns, or more.  You may also see somewhere in the headline that he had 300 rounds of ammunition or more.

Must be a nut to have more then one firearm and more then a box of ammunition, right?

Such headlines are not an accident, they are on purpose!

The headlines are antigun headlines meant to make those not into firearms and various hunting and shooting sports think anyone that possess more then one firearm and a box of shells is a danger to society. They are meant to scare the general public and rally support for so called SAFE gun laws!

Are you a danger to society because of the number of firearms you own?

Other then a self defense handgun (at home or carry) what other firearms an active sportsmen may posses; a firearm for bird hunting, a firearm for deer hunting, a firearm for plinking, a firearm for trap shooting, a firearm for sporting clays, a firearm for skeet shooting (4 gauges).  I'm sure you can list several more firearms required for other type of shooting activities not listed. Those not into shooting have no idea and the press is not going to educate.

In regard to ammunition.  Someone attending a weeklong trap shoot may require a minimum of 1000 shells, a skeet shooter 500 shells.  Having 500 shells or more at home is not an unreasonable number, and for many that are into serious shooting, two cases of shells stored at home most likely doesn't even meet there needs but for a few weeks of shooting, if that.

And, for those who reload.  The news can make possessing an 8lb container of powder and 5000 primers look like your getting ready to start a war.

Next time you see the headline, are they reporting the news or do they have another agenda?

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