Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Support Renewing the Plastic Gun Ban

The federal law banning undetectable plastic guns expires in two weeks and Congress is on a Thanksgiving vacation, making it likely the law will lapse — and opening up at least a temporary problem.

Gun control proponents say the search for a solution is even more urgent with the expanding capabilities of 3-D printers, which can manufacture plastic guns that can be untraceable through traditional means.

Washington Times


Many Gun Free Zones (Kill Zones) especially in court houses and airline passenger terminals depend on scanning technology to detect firearms.  No matter if you support Gun Free Zones or not, they are here to stay!.

A plastic gun defeats the most simplest of such scanning devices.  Someone will take advantage, it's just a matter of time.

Will a law stop a determined terrorist?  The answer is no, but it will slow down the mentally disturbed and the so called cowboy terrorist who acts on his own.

Support the ban....


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