Friday, December 06, 2013

28 gauge reloading

I had to purchase lead for 28 gauge shooting, the shell we use for skeet practice. I bought Lawrence Brand #9 hard shot.  I was able to purchase via a club buy.

Was not sure what reloading saving were as prices are all over the place and ran the numbers through a Reloading Cost Calculator.

Using today prices and not the cost of reloading supplies I have on hand, my cost to reload a box of 28 gauge AA hulls using W209 primer, Clay Buster wads, and Universal Clays comes to $4.073 a box.

I can bring the price down a bit if I was willing to use a cheaper brand of primers but chose not to!

Still way cheaper to reload 28 gauge and .410 then to purchase factory and cheaper then practicing with the cheapest of factory 12 gauge loads.

A word of warning if you don't reload, but thinking about it. Easy to lose your reloading saving by not buying smart!

Do you shoot enough shells each week to justify getting into reloading? The cost going in can be high, especially if your buying a progressive re-loader.

You may not find reloading 12 gauge worth the effort.  All depends on what you can purchase factory shells for versus the cost to reload and your financial circumstances and what your time is worth.

Purchase a used machine, not brand new.

A scale to weigh powder is a must.  A bushing just gets you in the ball park!  I prefer an electronic scale but an old fashion balance scale will meet your needs. Changes in humidity can change your powder drop, as will opening a new container.

Don't purchase reloading supplies at box stores.  Your paying way over market cost!

Find a local club that allows club members to piggy back on club purchases.  Saves you on shipping cost and HazMat fees (powder and primers) and you may also be able to take advantage of discounts the club may receive for buying in bulk.

Check out the bigger shoots for those selling reloading supplies.

Most who reload shotgun shells purchase 5,000 primers and 8 pounds at a time, not lesser amounts as usually cost more.

When you run into the deal of the year, purchase two 8 pounders instead of one, 10000 primers instead of 5000 or more if you can afford it.

Clay target shooting is an expensive sport, reloading may make it a little more affordable!

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