Thursday, December 12, 2013

Credit Card Compromised

The last 20 days or so a few strange pending charges popped up on my account, all from the same company.  I brought it to the attention of the credit card company, but was told I had to wait until it went from Pending to Posted Activity.  One actually went through and was removed by the credit card company after I notified them.

I should have cancelled the card, but didn't.  Didn't go with my gut feeling.....

Today, a charge of almost $3000 on the account.  Card Cancelled!

I'm not responsible for the charge, but just passing along how important it is to keep an eye on your credit card account.  Very easy during the holiday season with increased activity to have something slip by.  I access mine online and view daily activity.

A few years back I received a call from the credit card company asking if I was in India making Ebay purchases?  The card was cancelled. The next day FedEx was at the door with my new credit card!

A Chase card.  A nice service they provide is the out of region travel. You notify them via your online account you will be in a XYZ city during a certain time period and they won't flag your card when used in that city and region.  
I failed to notify them one time when I was out of my region and was down south using my card at a Walmart.  My purchase was denied.  The next thing my cell phone starts ringing and Chase was asking if I was using my card in the city I was in.  Said yes and after a brief conversation, hung up, re-swiped my card and it worked.  Don't know if it will always be that fast, but I was impressed!

You do have to give them a listing of authorized phone numbers via your on-line account for the above to work for you.  Make sure you include your cell phone number and the number of your spouses phone.  You can always call them if your having a charge problem, but they will only accept calls from the numbers you provided.

I have also made a few online purchases for types of merchandise I don't normally buy every now and then.  The charges were flagged by the Chase computer. A phone call received from Chase asking if I had used my card on-line?

Not a perfect system when using a card and you have to assume at some point the card will be compromised. Be a smart card user and keep an eye on your account!

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