Friday, December 20, 2013

Gun Control (Safety) 2014?

In the name of Gun Safety or Gun Control there coming after your guns....

If your state doesn't already require this, don't say you weren't warned!

- State firearm photo ID to purchase or posses.

- Finger printing for those who posses, to include hunters and target shooters.

- Mandatory Firearm Storage.

- Ammunition purchase monitoring. Require state approval for each purchase.

- No on-line purchases of ammunition and delivery.  All sales face to face.

- Unrealistic magazine size requirements.

- Restrictions on firearms that look dangerous.

- Additional taxes on sales of firearms and ammunition.

- Notifying schools that you have firearms in the home.

- Expanded gun free (kill zones).

- Outlawing children toys that has anything to do with firearms.

- Continued monies being spent by anti-gun groups who preach GUN SAFETY but in reality want to take your guns away or make it difficult or almost impossible to own one.

- Restrictions on purchase of reloading components.

- Stricter EPA rules on bodies of water on club property, man made or not, and any alleged runoff.  At some point shot curtains will be required at all clubs with any water on it's property or they will be closed.

- Stricter indoor range air quality standards.  As seen in the coal industry, rules that make it so expensive to comply the club will be forced to close the range.

The left will continue to oppose mandatory sentencing for any crimes, to include using firearms in a commission of a crime. They will continue to support plea bargaining in all cases and in turn shorter sentences (if any jail time).  They will spend there resources on gun control laws for lawful citizens instead of crime control (throw away the key)!

Belonging to a Pro-Gun political organization such as the NRA may not be your cup of tea, but if you don't belong, who is fighting for your gun rights?

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