Sunday, December 01, 2013

L'Acaide Turkey shoot and my U.S. Customs experience!

I attended the annual turkey shoot at Club L'Acadie. Skeet, trap, and 5-stand.  Shoot one, two or all three events.  The club is located just southeast of Montreal and maybe a 35 minute drive from the NY border.  The 2014 Canadian Trap shoot (ATA) will be held at this club. 

The weather outlook for Sunday was not looking good.  90% chance of rain when I checked on Saturday AM.  Sunday comes, in the mid 30's, overcast and no rain.  In the PM a few snow showers, but that was it.

Shot skeet (50 targets).  Missed the first three high house birds : (    That was good for a few laughs!

Spent the rest of the day meeting old friends and running around with my still camera.  Five or six shooters telling me what sporting clays shoots they planned on attending in Florida this winter.

Shoot Photos and  Results

I ran into a shooter from Club de Tir Huntington who wants me to visit his club next year.  He told me his club just purchased a rebuilt PAT trap from the Silver Dollar.  They are just waiting on delivery.  The club has 4 trap fields, but the most modern trap is just one Winchester basket trap.  The PAT Trap should be a welcome addition.  They are already thinking of another purchase.  I do plan on dropping by in 2014.

I was telling a few people that I had been contacted by the BBC last week and they wanted to use some of my Galt video for a story they were going to run.  Don't tell anyone, as I don't know if that has been cleared for public release yet  : )  When all said and done, most likely they will only use 15 or 20 seconds of what I shot, but Galt will get a mention and that's all for the good!

I decided to take the main U.S. border crossing on the way home instead of the small crossing I normally use. 

Nine lanes, late Sunday afternoon.  Should be back in the states in no time!

Ops!  Fifteen minute wait. Turns out it's always like this the weekend after thanksgiving, or so said the person working the border. 

While I'm waiting in line in my vehicle, a commotion breaks out at the booth two lanes over.  Customs people in a run to the booth. Bing, bam, two pulled out of a vehicle and being led away in cuffs in a blink of an eye.  No more then 60 seconds later the vehicle is being driven to the secondary inspection area.   Arriving a minute later and you wouldn't have known that anything had happened.   Whatever popped up when the ID was run must have been more then a little interesting.

I reach the booth and show my ID and the paperwork for my firearm.  Tell him I was skeet shooting an won a turkey.  I ask if I must declare a turkey, even if it's frozen?  Next thing I'm being carded and instructed to drive over to the secondary inspection area.  Not a big deal (my paperwork is in order) and nothing hidden in the vehicle (and I've done this so many times through the years).

Park my vehicle.  I'm told go through door A and report inside!

Where were you hunting? 

I wasn't hunting, I was skeet shooting. 

What's skeet shooting?

You know, clay target shooting. 

What's clay target shooting? 

Shooting at orange targets flying through the air. 

So where did you kill the turkey. 

I didn't kill the turkey, I won it shooting skeet and it's frozen! 

You won it shooting skeet?

Yes, I'm a good shot  : )  

Did you declare your gun before you left the U.S.?

No, I didn't have to as I have it listed on my form 4457.

So you didn't declare your gun before departing the USA? 

No, the form your holding is my 4457 and I don't have to declare the firearm every time I depart the USA, as it's already on a signed form. 

At that point the other customs person standing next to him the whole time says, he doesn't have to declare his firearm when he departs the states, as he has it already listed on the form.  He gives me back my ID and my 4457 and tells me I can go. 

When all said in done, at no time did anyone look at my firearm or take a look at my turkey!  All this because no one knew what skeet shooting is and thinking I was a killer of turkeys?

Other then the extra time it took to cross, an interesting story to add to the many I have in regard to both US and Canadian customs. Not complaining, just passing along my experience, as at least once a year I get a surprise when crossing and I've come to expect the unexpected.

* The 4457 is a one time requirement for US shooters.  A signed form is valid for the items listed as long as it's readable (does not expire). It's not transferable to another person.

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