Thursday, December 05, 2013

MEC Bottle Support, a must have!

A number of years back I had a MEC shot bottle break in half and as a result shot spilled throughout the reloading area.

The constant bottle motion (vibration) caused a crack.  I assume the plastic became brittle after years of use and it was only a matter of time.

I purchased MEC Bottle Support ($27) holders for all my re-loaders.  I have developed a few cracks and the bottle support saved the day, as the bottles did not snap in half and spill lead.

Today, not so lucky!

I tipped back the bottle and the top of the shot bottle snapped off.  Luckily not a full bottle of lead, maybe a quarter bottle!  Because I was tipping it back slowly I caught it in time before the bottle emptied completely.

Feeling the plastic in the area it broke, it seemed brittle to the touch.

I have no idea if newer MEC bottles ($9.99) are made from a different type of plastic, but something you need to be aware.

I suggest you either use a bottle holder or change out your bottles every ten years or so.

Anyway, a first for me, having the top of the bottle snap off!

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