Monday, January 27, 2014

Cracked Remington 1100 Breach Bolt Assembly

Tearing down the 1100 for cleaning I observe the Breach Bolt was cracked below the slot where the handle is inserted.  The crack is clear through the metal.  I call it a crack, but a break!

I have a spare bolt, but will need to order another, as when attending shoots you need a spare, compete (with extractor and firing pin) Breach Bolt Assembly ready to go.

At a minimum $100 to replace!

I placed a call to Remington to order a replacement part, as it looked like they had the best price, but no luck talking to a person after a 20 minute wait.  I'll call back at another time.

Also, the O ring fell apart in my hand when I was removing it.  May be a  coincidence but my wife's O ring needed to be replaced the other day.
They came out of the same package from an order placed years ago.  Could there have been a few defects in the batch, as they were both replaced just a few months back?


  1. Joe, One on Ebay, starting $49.99.

  2. wortner guns in chatham is the Ontario Remington warranty depot. try them

  3. I won the bid on eBay ($67).

    I never did hear back from Remington after leaving my number via there automated call system. The promise was I would receive a return call NLT the next business day.

  4. Hi Joe, what would happen if I shot the 1100 with same cracked bolt? mine looked like yours and the crack seemed "old"

    1. Well, you never know when its going to let go. Guns do blow up.... The shooter next to you may not like that.

      If nothing else if you have a metal failure while shooting the broken piece may break something else during the cycle.

      I broke an Interceptor Latch Spring once when another part broke.

    2. Thanks Joe, I'm getting the bolt replaced, courtesy of the seller. Cheers