Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Possible ATF Form 6NIA Processing Delays

Processing an application to visit the USA with a firearm?

The ATF is showing a projected 3 month processing time, due to staffing shortages and number of applications to process.

No reports from anyone who recently processed a form reporting such a delay, but be warned (Don't Delay)!

VISITORS TO THE UNITED STATES, ATF Form 6NIA, Bringing Firearms Into the U.S.


  1. Hi Joe, one of our club members who spends winters in Florida was told the last week in November by ATF that they were projecting 8 weeks at that time. My own form 6 took 26 days in November. I think that we must be aware of the time lag required to get the paper work completed for the future.

  2. Good Information.

    Many who have been doing this for a few years make sure they get it in well before they need it, but there are always some who are going to try to process a couple of weeks before they need it for a shoot and they may be out of luck.

    I would submit an application now, even if someone is only thinking they may cross the border, as it doesn't cost you anything if your a Canadian, as you no longer need a hunting license or shoot invitation to apply.