Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Revisited: Works for me, NobelSport!

If you've been following my postings, more then happy with target hits using 1oz, #8 shot NobelSports, but the 1 1/8oz, 7 1/2 shot had me rethinking choke selection.  The 1 1/8 shell throws a very tight pattern out of the 1100's were using.

The first time out with the 1 1/8 loads at 16-yard trap I was seeing smoke balls, and that was with modified choke. Smoke balls may be nice to see, but for me, way to tight.

We tried the shells shooting sporting clays,  I used LM and IC.  I settled on IC choke for targets under 30 yards. That seemed to work well. Recently, I've been using LM unless the targets were in your face, but the 1 1/8 loads were costing me targets.  Hey, I'm not George Digweed, what can I say : )

The question, what choke for 16-yard trap?

Today, we had a chance to shoot trap and both the wife and I went with LM choke.

Nice hits and the ones I missed had nothing to do with choke selection. 

Going against conventional wisdom, but will be attending a trap shoot in mid February and going with the LM choke for the 16-yard event. 

The next time out shooting trap practice I'm going to play around with handicap.  I'm thinking that Mod choke will be more then adequate.


I just about used up my stock of Remington 1100 "0" rings and time for a re-supply.

A deal found on Amazon.

021 Viton O-Ring, 75A Durometer, Round, Black, 15/16" ID, 1-1/16" OD, 1/16" Width (Pack of 50)

$6.76 (Free shipping and no tax)  = $0.135 each

A life time of "0" rings for many, but I end up giving them away to anyone who needs one. The last order lasted well over 8 or 9 years and that time I had to pay shipping.

If in the market, say your local hardware store, make sure they are Viton.

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