Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sporting Clays Visit, Amelia Shotgun Sports

We spent the afternoon shooting sporting clays at Amelia Shotgun Sports.

The club has a reputation for routinely changing target presentations and were curious on what we would find.

We grabbed a counter and hit the course.

Except for a couple of stations all target setups were different from are last visit back in March of 2013. All may have been changed, but thought a couple were the same or felt like it.

We enjoyed the course. The course on many stations has two stands.  We try to shoot from all the stands as it makes for a good practice session.  A couple of shots on one and couple on the other.  A nice mix of slow and fast targets were presented. A FUN course. It might be the best they ever set!

I had one station where I shot at least a half box of shells at one target. Not even a chip. A long outgoing, angling right rising target, with the machine set way to my left but 20 yards in front of the stand.  A young person was passing by and I asked if he knew what the lead was.  To make a long story short, gun speed and shooting the front edge of the target.  Glad I got out of my system!

My target problem that I mentioned is the reason I enjoy target counting systems (a must have for all clubs).  If I have  a problem on a station or wish to work on something, I can blast away and the club gets paid for all targets thrown without me having to come up with a number for extra targets. 

Not saying everyone is not honest (well, that would be a lie)!

A few shooters on the course my age, but mostly young people and couples. 

The club has plenty of ammunition on hand and has loaner guns if you happen to be passing through the region without a gun and want to get in a day of clay target shooting.

As many clubs in the south, the club has 4H shooters.  From what I gather a new program, with the kids the last time visiting starting out on the trap field, shooting straight a ways, getting comfortable shooting a shotgun.

The club is north of Jacksonville, Florida. Closer to Georgia then Jacksonville.

Non-members always welcomed!

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