Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sporting clays @ WW Sporting Clays

Only in the high 50's when we arrived at WW Sporting Clays, but by time we were half way through the course the sun came out and we saw temperatures  in the low 60's.

We shot the 13 station course with the provided target counter. 
Most stations have A and B stands. You can shoot all stands, mix it up, or just shoot either the A or B stands.  A nice option to have, especially if your a returning visitor and want different views of targets.
A number of family's, collage kids, and young working adults shooting this day.  Squads coming and going throughout are visit.  I talked to several. 
One family consisted of the complete family tree, from granddad to young teenage children (to include mom and dad), a family outing.  The smiles you see when a target is hit!
More then a few ladies on the course.
My impression of the young working adults is all had well paying jobs, either in a business or working a trade. Many were hunters.
If shooting is down as some say on the talk boards because of the economy, they forgot to tell the crowd at WW Sporting!
A little trouble with my wife's 1100 loading the second shell. I figured it was either the trigger needed to be pulled and a cleaning performed or replace the O ring.  The O ring was the problem.  I always carry spares to include a complete bolt assembly when on the course.
The verdict is still out on the pattern difference between 1oz and 1 1/8oz NobelSport target loads. I'm leaning towards 1oz loads for anything under say 30 yards.  They just seem to pattern better.  Tried different chokes with the 1 1/8 load and not impressed at the shorter yardages. 
The 1oz are 8"s and the 1 1/8 is 7 1/2 shot.  May be the difference, but at this time cannot get my hands on 8 shot to see if that would make a difference in pattern hits.

As well as sporting clays, the club has a skeet field.
The club is west of Jacksonville (I-10), a couple of exits past the Publix Distribution Center.  Maybe 10 minutes off the exit.  The 15 mph hour speed limit is strictly enforced on the clubs access road.  The road is not maintained by the club, but a private property owner.

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