Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trap shooting @ Flagler Gun Club

We shot trap this AM at the Flagler Gun Club.  The club is between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Member punch cards cost $50 for ten rounds and you get the 11th round free.

On Tuesdays, both the trap and skeet ranges are open in the morning. 

On other then open shoot days, members can purchase coins and shoot trap seven days a week (two fields coin operated).  One field is set for doubles. 
On the skeet side, no coins, but you can get a key and also shoot seven days a week. A good deal for those with a busy schedule or who wish to get in some additional practice before attending a shoot!

I think the first trap we shot since November.

Targets being pushed high by the wind during the rounds we shot.  You get two or three nice targets and then a target being launched into space. 

A practice day, and with the wind, it made for good practice!

The voice release worked without any issues.

My second chance to shoot 7 1/2, NobelSport, 1 1/8 shells. I've been shooting #8, 1oz. shells.

I shot the 1 1/8 the other day in sporting practice and thought they threw a tight pattern, more so then the 1oz. loads I've been shooting, using the same choke (LM).  Maybe just the extra shot or shot size, but I think not.

I'm thinking I'm going to a more open choke this weekend in sporting practice and see how it goes.  Smoke is nice, but I think it will cost me targets, especially at the closer targets.

Also, my 1100 seemed dirtier when tearing down for cleaning from what I seen after shooting 1oz.loads.

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