Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb 11, 2014: Odds and Ends

The used Remington 1100 breech bolt assembly that I purchased off eBay to replace my cracked one arrived.  Slightly used.  I didn't see many wear marks, but it did need a cleaning.  An overnight soaking in BreakFree and it looks as good as new.

The wife and I spent the day scoring targets at the Flagler Big 50 Trap Shoot.  A light wind kicked up towards the end, but nice shooting weather.  It was 72 degrees when we departed.  The club is having it's monthly targets only shoot this Saturday and I should have a few photos to post.

Before we took to the chairs we shot practice trap.  On the last round I grabbed the wife's gun by mistake (she was done for the day).  Didn't feel like walking back to the vehicle and shot it.  Ended up with a 25, my first in some time. Maybe she'll let me borrow it from time to time  : ) 

The NAS Jacksonville (military installation) is in the process of installing a second combination skeet / trap range.  If you've ever shot at a one field club, you can imagine how everyone is looking forward to having the second field.

Amelia Shotgun Sports is having a benefit sporting clays shoot on the 21st and expecting 150 shooters. We volunteered to be trappers for the day.

I keep hearing that one, maybe two clubs are seriously considering installing Olympic style bunker traps in Florida.  The Gator club is the only club in Florida at this time that has a 15 machine bunker. They have a shoot coming up.

Shooting the Florida Challenge at Bradford Farm this year, a first for me.  I've been at the shoot a few times, but just to take photos.  Shooting a  Prelim, FITASC (100 targets), small gauge (28 gauge) and the 200 target main event.  The only thing I'm not shooting is the 100 target 5-stand. A friend is attending and we're shooting together.

If you saw my wildlife photos, the snakes have been identified as Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnakes. I posted a photo on a snake forum and had my identification in no time.  They are in the viper family of snakes.

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