Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Firearm rights (or not)

Firearms owners who thought they won a huge victory in the Supreme Court not so many years ago are finding through many court battles that basically the only right they won was the right to own a firearm, with states having many rights to control.

Those who read and understood the ruling are not surprised at recent rulings.  I was thinking that way from my readings, but what do I know? I think the various Gun Rights organizations knew this, as they have smart lawyers, but not something they wished to pass on to the membership, but maybe not. Let me give the benefit of the doubt!

Background checks (public and private sales). OK

Firearm registrations (all firearms). OK

Guns that look dangerous restrictions.  OK

Firearm registration fees (within reason).  OK

Dedicated taxes (fees) on firearms and ammunition (within reason).  OK

10 round magazine restrictions. OK

Ammunition purchase restrictions.  OK

Face to face ammunition purchase requirements (no mail order).  OK

Requiring the securing of a firearm in the home.  OK

Gun Free Zones (Kill Zones).  OK

Minor Domestic Violence laws that bans firearm ownership for life (even if just a push/shove). OK 

I'm sure more restrictions have been approved by the courts, but I just listed the one's I could think of without doing in-depth research.

Federal courts over the next several years are expected to move more to the left, as has the EPA, IRS and a host of other government agencies.  Those agencies making rules that benefit the special interest of the left and turning a blind eye to those on the right, without a vote of congress.

No way a pretty picture for those who actually work for a living and are taxed and regulated to death to support an ever growing government and entitlement (welfare) state!

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