Monday, March 03, 2014

Florida Challenge Sporting Clays @ Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

293 shooters attended the Florida Challenge at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm (Graham, Florida).

Heavy rains on Wednesday saw the club taken steps to ensure roads were usable.  I saw a number of trucks moving fill.  No rain for the shoot and sunny days helped dry the property.  A cool start each morning, but quickly warmed.  A beautiful 75 degrees on Sunday.

Something for everyone.  NCSA 5-stand, FITASC (100 targets), small bore, and 200 target main event. Two practice 5-stands and a Make A Break.

Small bore was sited on it's own course.  Eight stations.

Targets were challenging.  All fair and hittable. I think for those who travel from shoot to shoot, targets they expect to see at a major shoot. For those shooters who like to change chokes, you needed them all!

No sun issues and can't remember wind being an issue.  Machine issues were promptly addressed.

Trappers at all stations for all events.

I thought I was ready for the shoot, putting in extra days of practice this winter, but not the case.  So disappointed, as I really thought I was going to be competitive! 
Just the way it is, as not a natural when it comes to shooting and have problems when I attend shoots the big boys are attending. Did have fun and enjoyed running around with my cameras.

Had great squad members for all events I participated.

My Remington 1100 saw 450 shells go through it and I only experienced one light hit on a primer.

As I hoped venders at the shoot. I had a Remington 1100 that needed a Interceptor Latch Spring installed.  I had the spring, but something I didn't want to mess with.  Mike Sherman (PMS Firearms) installed it for free.  I also had a Browning O/U that was having issues.  Mike went through the gun and found a few issues (internal broken parts) and also did a rebuild.  Dropped it off on Thursday and picked it up on Saturday.

A pad on one of my guns was at the end of it's life and Shooters Solutions replaced the pad on Sunday afternoon while I waited.  I had a nice chat with Jean while the pad was being replaced.

Four videos posted and photos (near the bottom of the page).


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