Monday, March 10, 2014

Remington Feed Latch bites the dust!

I can't believe I broke a Feed Latch.  I've had them pop out, but never seen a broken one.

We were shooting sporting clays and the second shell wouldn't feed.  At first I thought a broken extractor, but not the case.  A closer look and I saw that Feed Latch didn't look right.  I used my wife's gun to finish.

I took the gun apart today and found the top tip of the Feed Latch was missing (broke off) and it was sticking out a bit.  The latch was still staked in place.

I pried out the Feed Latch and replaced with a spare.  The part needs to be staked in place and I have a Remington staking tool.  The new part was put in without any problems.  I like to clamp it in place before staking, as it keeps the part from bouncing around if I mishit.  You could use a punch instead of a staking tool in a pinch and I've read that some glue the part in place. 

Usually, the only time the Feed Latch would be a problem if loose is that it will fall out when you took out the trigger.  A pain to get the trigger back in if the Feed Latch is not secured. I've tried not securing it when in a hurry and I ended up taken a few more minutes and securing it properly.

I ordered a replacement ($19.29) to put in my spare parts bin and should have it by the end of the week,

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